If you look around any forum on Internet marketing you will find someone complaining about the low rates paid to article writers. You will find posts that say something like, “it’s impossible to make a decent living writing articles when the market rate is so low.”

And that right there is the problem. They mistakenly think there is a market rate, a going rate or the current fair rate, or whatever. They think they are somehow locked in to this rate and there is no escape.

I have just one thing to say to all the people who think like that:


As Walter Lippman so rightly observed, “When everyone thinks the same, nobody is thinking.”

You are acting like sheep, being herded into a mindset that forces you to think you are governed by a “market rate.”

Here’s the truth:


There is just your acceptance of the pitiful rate that you agree to write for.

That’s the brutal truth, but the good news is that you can do something about it, but only if you want to, and only if you get off your butt and actually do it.

Market rates are set for commodities. Commodities are things like sugar, butter, steel, oil, wheat and even sheep. The articles you write are not commodities. Let me say that again, but this time a little louder so you hear it clearly and sit up to take notice.


That’s why there is no market rate for article writing. There is, however, a rate that you accept. That rate may be the one that all the sheep accept – $5, $1, 80 cents, 50 cents per article, or whatever. It will no doubt be a pitiful amount, and you mistakenly think it is the “market rate,” which is why you struggle to make a living writing articles.

There’s a better way…

Break away from the sheep and set yourself apart from them. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic and revolutionary – just enough to make you different in some way that adds value to your articles. Once you do that, you – yes, YOU – can set the price for your articles. That can be $10, $20, $30, $50 or more – much more even. There really is no limit other than the limit you place on yourself.

Aha! I hear someone say “but…” What a wonderful world we would live in if it wasn’t for “but.” There are no “buts” other than the ones you choose to place in front of you.

Here’s an idea…

I’m assuming you can write reasonably well, so with that skill in place, position yourself in front of people who need articles and who have money to spend on articles. Don’t look to the struggling webmasters – they have no money. Think about offline business, SEO companies, web design companies – people with money, or people who have clients who have money. The only thing you need to look for is people with money who also need articles written.

The next thing to do is contact them. Tell them you are a professional writer who can fulfil their needs and that you are ready to write for them immediately. If they get back to you asking your rates, tell them $25 for a 500 word article. Go higher than that if you like, but don’t go lower. That’s a good starting out point, and you can raise your rates later when you are more established.

You need to contact dozens – even hundreds – of potential clients. This is not spamming, it’s a business contact. Be utterly professional in every way. Don’t use a Gmail or Yahoo email address. That looks cheap. Be professional in every way and you will be treated professionally in return.

You can reasonably expect a response rate of around 5% or so, and if you do this right, you will get high paying work, and as much as you can handle.


Because YOU set the “market rate” for a change, but as you already know, there is no market rate when it comes to articles, for articles are not commodities. Articles are your product and you are a marketer and a sales person. So stop calling yourself an article writer. You are an Internet marketer whose product is custom written articles, and you enjoy success as a result of being a successful sales person.

That’s it!

So, just to recap… If you are not getting the rate you would like for your articles, don’t blame the economy, don’t blame writers in third world countries, and certainly don’t blame the “market rate”! YOU have the power to change the rate you are paid. YOU can set it today, because now YOU know there is no article market rate. You should also know by now that you are not a sheep, so stop acting like one 🙂