Article marketers often write their own articles and don’t always consider the outsourcing benefits of having professionals write for them.

This can be a mistake in many ways, often based on the false concept of cost savings and a belief that the only way to maintain a proper level of quality is to do it all yourself.

For very small businesses that use article marketing, farming out work may not always be feasible, but for larger businesses there can be enormous benefits.

Not all article marketers are particularly skilled in writing articles. They may think they are, but may not realize that by giving up some control and outsourcing at least some of their article writing work, they can enjoy the outsourcing benefits of fewer hours worked and articles that perform better.

If you are a small article marketer, you can easily tap into high-quality services that can help your business to grow. Hiring service providers in this strategic way should be considered a wise investment, and not an unnecessary expense.

You may have to spend some time finding the right professional writer for you. It may have to be a balance between what you can afford and how good the writer is, but always try to lean towards quality, if possible.

Here then are 5 of the top outsourcing benefits for the article marketer.

1 – Hiring a Professional Writer Can Make You a Lot More Money

This is perhaps the biggest of the many outsourcing benefits to be gained. Most article marketers become so through a need to make money online and saving money by writing the articles themselves can make a lot of sense.

Writing articles is something most of us can do, and it is an inexpensive and very effective way of marketing a business.

It isn’t free, however, for while you pay no money if you write articles yourself, you do spend your valuable time, and that certainly adds up.

The number hours you will work are likely to be many and arduous, and while the level of quality may be acceptable, most do-it-yourself writers don’t consider the outsourcing advantages of hiring a professional writer whose expertise could catapult their marketing efforts beyond their imagination.

Yes, there is a monetary cost involved in hiring a professional writer, but the high-quality work of a well-chosen good writer will more than pay for itself in the long term.

A well-written article can drive traffic to an offer or website with considerably more efficiency than a mediocre one. And a poorly written article will most likely fail to convince even a single prospect to take action.

2 – You Gain Instant Access to a Wealth of Writing Talent From All Over the World

The article outsourcing benefits do not confine you to just one professional writer from one country. You can take your pick from thousands of writers from anywhere around the planet.

Outsourcing to countries on a global scale is no more difficult than outsourcing locally. There is a belief in some quarters, for example, that only an American writer can write successfully for the American market. This is simply untrue.

One of the great outsourcing advantages is the simple fact that a good professional writer can write in any voice or style that is required. Even writers who are not native speaker of the language they are writing in can often deliver amazingly good results.

3 – Hiring an SEO Writer Who Fully Understands LSI Can Mean Higher Ranked Articles in the Search Engines

Most professional article writers now understand that theming an article through latent semantic indexing (LSI) techniques produces a product that can usually easily outrank ‘ordinary’ articles, everything else being equal.

A lot is said and written about LSI, but most people don’t really understand what it is. In a nutshell, it’s a method of using a majority of the terms, words, and phrases, that would naturally occur in a well-written article on any given topic.

The search engines seek out the potential relationship between words to improve their understanding of the information presented.

LSI is actually the technology and not the writing technique, but you don’t have to understand all the technicalities to make a positive difference to your marketing efforts.

4 – Hiring a Professional Writer Will Give You Back the Time to Focus on Other Aspects of Your Business

While article marketing may be your core business, when you realize the outsourcing benefits of a professional writer you will suddenly have more time.

This can be especially welcomed as the number of hours worked by many article marketers is often considerable. You can spend this time to write even more articles, or you can use it to focus on other aspects of your business.

You could even take advantage of the situation and take a short (or long) period of time off work. Hiring a professional writer has many hidden benefits that are not always obvious at first glance.

5 – Hiring a Professional Writer Means Having Constant Access to an Expert

This is possibly the most important of the many outsourcing benefits to be gained. An article writer who has many years of experience will not make silly spelling or grammar mistakes.

They will be fully capable of doing extensive research to gain accurate information you can depend on, and they will understand how to write engaging content that is also properly structured and optimized for the search engines.

When you hire a professional writer you will also have access to specialized services and skills. In short, their articles will not disappear under another Google Panda, or whatever names are applied to any future algorithm updates that may be imposed on us.

These are just some of the outsourcing benefits you will enjoy when you hire a professional article writer. You should never think of the costs involved as yet another way of loosing money that you could of used for other things.

I should also point out that the spelling and grammar mistakes in the last paragraph were deliberate, and if you did not spot them, then you definitely need the outsourcing benefits that a good writer can bring to your business!