Fishing spinners are an attractive type of lure. Unlike a fly or feather, the spinner can more easily be made to move in a way that suggests life. To the fish it will seem to be edible life, which means the fish will try to eat it, unaware that the spinner has a hook attached. Once caught in the hook, all the angler has to do is reel it in and lift it out of the water.

There are various kinds of fishing spinners. The in-line spinner is so named because it features a metal blade that revolves around a central wire axis. It is often attached by a clevis. The spinning nature of this kind of lure can cause problems with the line becoming increasingly twisted. Swivels are often therefore used to help overcome this problem.

Fishing spinners can have different designs of blades. This is the part that actually spins. Thin, slim blades tend to revolve faster than wide, larger blades. Larger blades also cause more vibration. This can be a desirable trait as the fish can mistake the vibrations as caused by a living creature that it wants to eat. Another important spinner factor is the flash. This is how it looks to a fish. A good flash can attract the attention of a fish. This factor is produced more through colour and texture than design.

Fishing with spinners is really not much different to fishing with other kinds of lures. The main idea is to attract a fish and cause it to bite on to the lure, thereby getting caught by the hook. However, it is well to bear in mind that fish only use sight in the last quarter of the attack. Up to that point they rely on their sense of vibration to locate their prey. Fishing spinners that produce a good vibration generally work best in murky waters where visibility is poor and restricted.

You should also bear in mind that fish attack from below and behind the direction of travel. Try working out how your fishing lures will appear from that angle, as that is what the fish will see just before it bites. If it doesn’t like what it sees close up, it may decide to move on and find food elsewhere. The true art of spinner fishing lies in understand all the possible angle of the craft. If you think like a fish you will stand a better chance of catching one.