Press Release

The humble press release has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, but far from becoming old-fashioned, it remains an extremely powerful and highly effective method of business promotion.

I have clients who retain my services on a monthly basis, having me craft press release after press release, simply because it is cost effective, and it delivers a constant supply of responsive leads that can be turned into handsome profits.

Some clients only require me to write a press release, and they then distribute the release to media outlets themselves.

Other clients prefer me to take over everything, first writing the press release, then seeing to its media distribution for maximum impact.

I also offer a press release service where I create relevant multimedia to accompany and complement the press release. This all-in service is the most expensive that I offer, but it invariably gets the most impressive results of all. The kind of press release multimedia I create includes PDF reports, articles and video.

Web Content

I started out in February 1996 writing web content at a time when the Internet was very young. I still remember someone announcing that there were 30 million web sites on the net. It seemed like a lot at the time. I have no idea how many there are today, but there are certainly many million times more.

Web content – articles and blog posts mostly – are still required on an ever-increasing scale. There seems no limit to the sheer amount of web content needed. Despite the advent of social media, and the popularity of video, written web content still holds its vital importance.

If you are interested in having me write articles or blog posts, please let me know through the contact page, or send me an email on,

You can also take advantage of any of my other services, which include SEO website promotion, LinkedIn profile makeover, ebook ghostwriting, proofreading and editing. Please contact me for further information.