This is a short article. I just came from browsing one of the top work bidding sites where providers show off their wares and buyers ask for bids on projects. You know the kind of site, and because I’m going to be referring to one of them, I won’t mention it by name to avoid embarrassment.

I started by looking at all the providers who are offering writing services. I was simply curious to see who is out there and who is charging what. On this particular site, one of the top rated ones, there was someone who had an interesting statement in their profile. I won’t print it word for word, but it went something like this:

“Your success is important to my team and I.”

Now, you are either smiling because this top-ranked writer made a silly, but common mistake, or you are puzzled because you don’t see anything wrong with the statement.

It’s the old one about whether to use “my team and I” or “my team and me.” Most people perversely think that saying “my team and I” is correct, regardless of the circumstances, which this writer obviously thought too.

It is not.

The simple way to know whether to use “I” or “me” is to split the statement and see how it sounds. You do it like this… “Your success is important to my team.” That sounds fine, but when we try the other part, “Your success is important to I,” it doesn’t sound quite so fine. The correct statement should have read, “Your success is important to my team and me.”

When we split it again you can see that, “Your success is important to my team” sounds right, and “Your success is important to me” also sounds right.

The Queen of Britain is famous for saying in speeches, “My husband and I would like to thank…” That’s correct. Split it and see. She would never say, “Your success is important to my husband and I!”

OK, it’s just a little thing, but when you plaster your profile on a top-ranking site in the hope of eliciting writing work, the little things matter. That is why I posted this article; your success is important to me. And if you need any help with grammar, or just writing in general, I’m here to help!