Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is not rocket science. It isn’t something particularly difficult to employ in your articles or web content, but it will make an enormous difference if you do it right. In this article we will look at 5 SEO tips that you can put to use today to help the search engines decide that your web content really is worthy of being ranked higher.

1. SEO Tips – The Domain:
If you’re starting a new web site, choose a domain name that has a searched for keyword if possible. Try to get the .com if you can, but the .net or .org will work fine too. Try to get as short a phrase as possible, and try to get the domain as one word, without hyphens with all the words bunched up together. However, don’t be afraid to use hyphens in the domain name to separate each word if you have to. This is one of the more powerful SEO tips that is so easy to employ.

2. SEO Tips – Keywords:
Each web page should be targeted on a single primary keyword. It can also have one or two secondary keywords targeted, and synonyms of the primary keyword included as well. Make sure that the title tag in the HTML head section of the web page has the primary keyword phrase in it. Also, make sure that the title tag reads well. Make it easy for people to read while also making it acceptable for the search engines.

3. SEO Tips – Meta Tags:
If you want to have keyword and description meta tags, make sure that any comma separated keyword phrases you include are also included somewhere on the visible page. Never include a keyword in the meta tags that does not appear on the page; this is one of the SEO tips you should never ignore. Include your primary keyword at least once in your description. Keep both meta tags short. Meta tags including around five keywords is enough, and a description of no more than 200 characters – not words – is also usually enough.

4. SEO Tips – The H1 Title Tag:
The H1 title tag on the visible page should also contain the primary keyword. This is the headline of the page, so make it compelling for the people who read it. Make them want to read more, while also letting the search engines know that there is no doubt about the subject of the page.

5. SEO Tips – Keyword Density and Theming:
You should use your primary keyword, which will also be in your page title and your H1 tag headline, several times throughout the page. Use it at least once in the first paragraph. This helps to reinforce what the page is about. Use synonyms as well. For example, if your page is about cars, refer occasionally to automobiles, motor cars, road traffic, vehicles, etc. This will help to make your page more themed and LSI friendly.

There are many other SEO tips you can use to improve the SEO qualities of your web pages, but following these 5 SEO tips will definitely help a lot. If you always lay out your web pages in a methodical manner and follow this basic routine every time, you will see an improvement, as compared to just throwing up a page and hoping for the best.