It All Starts With Words …


Write SystemWhat do you need web content for? Do you seek articles to use as web site filler, or to submit to directories for low quality back links?

Words are so much more than that. They deserve to live and breathe, free to inform and excite, to engage and immerse the reader in a world of thoughts and ideas.

Don’t stifle the words you commission by demanding a high keyword density, a rigorous latent semantic indexing protocol, or a strict cut-off word count.

Words cannot be caged, cajoled or cramped. They need a client with understanding. Someone with readers who appreciate the swirl and sway of mood and meter in the telling of a story.

Are you that kind of client? Do you appreciate writing of real quality?

If so, welcome …

Effective marketing is a direct result of effective communication, most often through writing, and that’s why you can relax in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about the writing part when you use the Write System service.

In short, I do both the writing and the worrying for you so you don’t ever have to.

I’ve just engaged John’s services and must say I am very impressed. His responsiveness has been excellent, with good, clear communication and the work has been delivered very quickly and to a high standard. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and will be a regular customer! Brilliant work indeed.

Thanks John, you’re a great writer!

Jason Johns, USA.


This Is What I Can Do For YOU!


John CouttsMy name is John Coutts, and if you are seeking a professional content writer, I know I can help you. Check out my About Me page if you want to know more about my background, and check out my Portfolio page to see samples of my work.

I have many years experience as a press release and article writer, writing web copy and content of all kinds for both the American and the British markets, and indeed, many other countries worldwide.

I can create web content, articles or blog posts, for your website that will inform your visitors of what you or your business is about.

I can also create professional grade press releases about your business that will generate an intense buzz of interest and get leads pouring in to significantly expand your reach. Please contact me if you want to promote your business in one of the best ways possible. The humble press release has been around for over 100 years, but it remains a highly effective, yet simple way to promote a business.

I always work to agreed deadlines. My turnaround time is as fast as I can make it, but will depend on my work load at that time.

Hi John,

… your writing style surpassed my expectations! I will surely use your service again in the future.


Vincenzo, USA.


There are certain topics that I won’t write on, however. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) hard core adult themes, strongly politically or religiously biased themes, and any hate related themes. I will always advise a potential client before accepting a project.

Send me a message now to to let me know how I can help you. I’m waiting …

John Coutts.

Hi John,

You are a talented writer. Your work is appreciated.

Travis, USA.