You will be supplied with search engine optimized (SEO) articles of whatever length you require. The average length of an article is around 500 words, though 400 is also a common length. Longer articles take more time to write, and therefore cost more, and don’t necessarily have a significantly higher impact on your marketing efforts.

You can also order SEO web content. This is similar to articles in many ways. It is, however, the text that makes up the pages of your web site. The text copy will be properly themed and keyword optimized for the search engines of today.

There was a time when keywords could be included to a density of 5% or more without penalty. Now the search engines look for much lower densities, usually no more than 1%, as well as synonyms of the main keyword sprinkled throughout the body text and a general themed approach.

This makes your web pages much easier to read. It also makes them more natural. When a page is stuffed with the main keyword – even to a density of just 2% or 3% – it becomes difficult to read as the keyword has to be repeated so often that it irritates rather than engages the reader. The search engines prefer it too when your pages have a natural look and feel.

With every article I create, I will supply two reports: one is a report on the article and how well it is themed, the theme words and theme phrases used; the other report is on the quality of theming of the top 10 articles in Google for the main keyword phrase.

While I cannot and will not guarantee it, I usually manage to produce better themed content than the content currently ranking. This means that all things being equal, the content I produce has a very high chance of ranking very high in the major search engines – and staying there too.

A press release is an excellent way to announce your web site, or indeed any worthwhile developments concerning your web site or business. You can order a press release that will be submitted to a number of media outlets as part of your ongoing promotional strategy.

You can also take advantage of any of my other services, which include SEO website promotion, ebook ghostwriting, proofreading and editing. Please contact me for further information.

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